Young man struggling with drug addiction & Addictions Mental Health The City of Kenora is facing a crisis of inter-related methamphetamine addiction, mental health, and homelessness. Resources are urgently needed to support a response to the crisis and to develop a longer-term strategy for addiction and mental health supports. See Project Reports > Doctor holding a tablet HEALTH DIGITAL Digital health technologies can make the delivery of health care more accessible, convenient and cost-effective. Digital health systems use technology to share information, speed up access to services, broaden access points and improve communications between all stakeholders, including patients/clients. See Project Reports > Teenager walking with two young children Care Primary The Primary Care Service Delivery Blueprint was developed to advance equitable access to primary care providers and services across the Kenora area. The Blueprint serves as a guide and “sets the bar” for what primary care services will look like by establishing a single picture of primary care that everyone can work towards. See Project Reports >
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KCA/WNHAC Vaccine Task Force

Ogichidaa Kavanaugh, Chief Howard Kabestra and the Vaccine Task Force are thankful for the first 20 doses of the vaccine delivered in Naotkamegwanning Feb 9 2021, and share some of the ceremony held to strengthen and celebrate the first doses of the vaccine delivered to Treaty Three communities. (Video: 6.5 min, English)

Dr. Jennifer Wesley Vaccine Info

Dr. Jennifer Wesley talks about possible side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, and encourages us to share only credible information. (Video: 4:15, English)

Ceremony at Naotkamegwanning

Full ceremony shared by leaders and elders to welcome the vaccine to Naotkamegwanning Feb 9 2021. KCA was given permission to film and share the powerful messages given to  welcome, bless and strengthen the first doses of the vaccine delivered to Treaty Three communities. A private ceremony was also held in advance. (Video: 11 min, Anishinaabemowin)

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