About Us

The All Nations Health Partners evolved from the Kenora Area Health Care Working Group, which formed in 2015 to address a critical doctor shortage and cross-border issues.

The All Nations Health Partners (ANHP) include Indigenous, municipal and health care leaders who signed a Resolution in ceremony in 2017, to work towards the development of a seamless, patient-centred health care system. The ANHP aim to provide the right service, at the right time, in the right setting, for everyone in the Kenora region.

Cultural safety will allow the blending of traditional and mainstream medicines for wholistic healing.

In 2019, the ANHP became one of the first Ontario Health Teams, as well as the first from the North, the smallest, and the only team with full Indigenous and community partners.

Our Values

Honesty – speak openly and truthfully always.

Truth – Focus on facts; be prepared to accept information you may not want to hear

Respect – Everyone has value, and should be treated with respect. Being on time, listening and speaking humbly, and respecting personal boundaries are all way in which respect is demonstrated.

Bravery – Take risks; move toward your vision despite fears of unknowns. Have the courage to engage in sensitive or difficult conversations.

Love – Love describes the good life – minobimaadiziwin. It is given and received through life, earth, people, choices and opinions.

Humility – No one person or community is more important than the other; we are all equal. Everyone has a voice, and all contributions have value. We all have gifts as well as limitations.

Wisdom – We constantly learn by listening, hearing and applying what we learn – especially from our elders – in a never ending process.

Our Resolution